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From The Dawn of Time Man Has Struggled For His Freedom
Defamed The Book (Front Cover)
Front Cover

Government & Freemasonry
  Criminal Conspiracies

The primary purpose in creating this website is to expose the evil and criminally corrupt manner in which our government, and their related offices, preform their duty bound obligations to the people. It tells of a network of organised crime set up from within one government office to another. How they will criminally conspire with each other to bring about the downfall of any person and or small entity. In this case it is my family, my company and I. But make no mistake it could be you. It could be any member of your family. It could be anyone of your loved ones. It could even be the people that  live next door.

As many functions as our governments may have to preform, this I say is the most vital "To Serve And Protect The Democratic Rights Of The People”. And to deliver them safely to the people. Whether they be: Black. White. Rich. Poor. Or from any nation. If we all live together as Australian citizens, under the Australian flag then these rights I speak of, is an entitlement for each and every single one of us.  The government can be many things to many people. But I am sure their would not be one citizen in the whole country that would not be alarmed and appalled about the fact that our government would criminally attack them until their lives were completely and utterly destroyed. It is a far cry from: "Of The People", "By The People" and "For The People". Throw the media and the judiciary into the mix and you are truly dealing with a modern day Goliath.

This Is The Only Story Ever Told About Government Criminally Conspiring with Freemasonry. I am not aware of any other. The victims of this evil empire do not normally survive, I suppose you could say I am one of the lucky ones. The hardship placed upon their victims is truly too much to bare. Hence the reason why these stories are very few. The fact of the matter is what these people do is horrific, that is why they are a Secret Society, the deeds they do need to be kept secret. Or otherwise they would be locked up, for a very long time.

My book raises serious questions in regard to the Democratic Rights Of The People. Such as:

  • "The Democratic Right of Free Speach"
  • "The Democratic Right To Work"
  • "The Democratic Right To Own Land"
  • "The Democratic Right Of Free Chioce"
  • "The Democratic Right Of Justice"
  • "Most of all our "Democratic Right To Freedom."
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